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We are Eezy IT, a value added ICT and IT service provider, serving the needs of our diverse customer base by providing low, medium and high level IT solutions and support – while remaining focused on a high level of user orientated design, business continuity, quality and a results driven work process.

Feel free to read through our company profile located under About Us for a more comprehensive understanding of our footprint, skills portfolio and experience matrix in South Africa and abroad.

We have been in operation since late 1996 and are actively enabling our customers to effectively procure, network management, design, implement and maintain their IT solutions and environments by either in-sourced or out-sourced means. Please have a look at our extensive list of Services and Web based services available for a better understanding of what we offer and support.

Our Services

We provide 24/7 computer support, Server, Desktop and Network support, maintenance, repair and consulting services for the following platforms:

  • All Windows Servers and server services or applications such as Exchange, MS SQL, ISA etc.
  • All Windows Workstations (Desktops/Laptops) from Windows 3.1 onwards
  • All Linux Workstations (Desktops/Laptops) including Ubuntu, SUSE etc.
  • All Apple Workstations (Mac’s and Macbooks)
  • All networked devices – printers, switches, routers etc.
  • All brands – Canon, HP, IBM, Dell etc.
  • All Proprietary software – Microsoft Office, Pastel, Adobe products etc.
  • All open source software – Open Office, Irfanview, VLC, Joomla etc.
  • All other IT related items such as media players, camcorders, LCD TV’s, Wireless devices, 3G devices etc.

These tech support services are provided “on-site”, as remote IT support, “over the phone” or per SLA as both in sourced or outsourced options.



On the support front, we decided to restructure our support system into distinct levels ranging from 0 to 3 with specific technicians assigned to each level. Each level represents a specific technical requirement that coincides with the requisite experience levels as follows:

  • Level 1 is basic support which includes workshop, remote, some ADSL and basic hosting support
  • Level 2 is standard “Desktop” support that includes any and all workstation related requirements as well as basic networking – everything a very small business should need
  • Level 3 is “server” level support including intermediate networking and all Microsoft Server requirements – this is an advanced Level 1 tech for bigger small businesses and those clients that want higher experience levels

Each job that is generated on our side is automatically but specifically assigned to one of the levels above. A lower tech is not allowed to work on a job that is on a level higher than his specification but a higher level tech may work on any job deemed lower than his specification based on one of the following scenarios:


We adhere to and abide by stringent internal quality controls and procedures to ensure that each and every customer receives exceptional quality of service in this traditionally quality poor service environment.

Our core services such as remote IT support, computer support, network installation, IT consulting, Internet access, IT systems security and their cost schedules can be found under Services, various customer specific links under our

We also offer a free “initial contact” analysis and recommendation no matter how big your IT infrastructure, how small your web presence or the nature of your IT need. Feel free to contact us via the contact info provided to the right to take advantage of this special offer.

Please also contact us should you experience any difficulties on this website, have any questions, cannot find a particular service or our site and are wondering whether we provide such a service, or merely want a comparative hardware quote.