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About Us


Brief History

We are Eezy IT, proud to be competitive in the South African IT market. We were founded in 1996, at the dawn of an age in which the IT industry would flourish like never before. Over the years, we expanded our horizons (primarily driven by our ever growing customer base and their associated needs) from a hardware only supplier to a fully fledged value added IT service provider. This is a trait that we are proud to say still features today, we adapt and expand as our customers require. Our core expertise and services has grown to include amongst others:

  • Computer support – PC support, Apple Support, Linux support and Server support services
  • Remote IT support on all the above platforms
  • IT service management and managed IT services
  • Customer service tech support
  • Server management
  • Network installation
  • IT consulting
  • Server backup as well as backup as a service
  • Internet access, Internet installation
  • IT system security and IT security service
  • A ISP which includes server hosting, DNS server service, web hosting and other web services
  • Custom software and web development, web design
  • VPN connectivity, remote office solutions
  • Computer Hardware and software sales on all above platforms
  • IT project management
  • in- and out-sourced IT solutions
  • Linux/Open source IT solutions
  • Many, many more.

We were also fortunate to become involved during the early uptake of open source solutions and are therefore very well positioned to provide businesses with complete “alternative” open source implementations or hybrid solutions as required and pride ourselves in the ability to consult our customers impartially “on both sides of the fence” when it comes to implementing the best solutions for their specific needs. We have grown from a dream to a fully-fledged company with structure, discipline and endurance. We currently strive to fulfil the entire spectrum of IT needs (Associated with small and medium enterprise) and we are dedicated to our customers and endeavour to provide them with the highest quality and most cost effective products, systems and services available.

Vision And Strategy

Our vision is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and quality of service in all products, solutions and services we deliver while maintaining an acceptable price point across the board. Further to this we also envisage being able to supply, implement and support all aspects of our customers integrated IT needs. Our Strategy A clearly defined strategy guides Eezy IT’s daily actions. We always ensure that we stay up to date with the latest products, techniques and technologies available as well as better our own customized solutions on a constant basis. We believe that this is the only solution to the broadening array of challenges our customers face on a daily basis and it translates directly into our ability to help customers acquire and maintain reliable, effective and cost effective IT solutions. What separates Eezy IT from any other standard IT Company, is the seamless balance we maintain between fulfilling our customers hi-tech and hi-touch requirements simultaneously. We are passionate about the IT industry and our customers’ individual needs and we strive to learn, grow, expand and adapt to new opportunities. 

Our Experience

Our range of skills and expertise are (fortunately) too broad and deep to list here but we can comment on the fact that we offer a 4 tier expertise based solution chain that covers not only our support procedures but also all other aspects (such as supply and consultation) of the complete IT solution we are striving for. Our most senior consultant has as much as 24 years experience in the field and we work hard at collaborating our knowledge and pooling our experience to allow even the most junior technician to draw on this base of support. This effectively multiplies every employee’s experience and has a cumulative value of over 79 years of “hands on” and “in the field” time. We are happy to report that we have in recent years been able to consistently draw on this large experience pool enabling us to under quote and out perform some of the big names in the industry. Our solutions are also tried and tested extensively to ensure that it:

  • Meets the strictest of standards
  • Completely fills the client’s requirements
  • Will provide a sustainable, maintainable and expandable solution into the future
  • Remain cost effective yet reliable even after installation date
  • And with certainty be a “better” solution than that possibly provided by our competitors

Apart from the enormous list of implementations and solutions we already have under our belt, we also draw great pride from the fact that there is no IT task, requirement or project we are not willing to approach. We also provide internship opportunities for IT students and graduates to gain much needed practical experience as part of our corporate social investment.