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Our Services


Procurement And Supply Strategy

We supply and support a very broad range of hardware and software products – even trying to list them here would be nonsensical. We also import solutions should they not be locally available and always endeavour to assist the customer with any requirement they may have. Our more recognized products range from major brands such as Dell to relatively obscure brands such as Sunix and we cover the entire spectrum from Servers, PC’s to Apple Macintosh, Printers, networking equipment, consumables and even specialized software solutions such as Linux based mail collaboration suites. Our standard warranty ranges include a 3 year “carry in”, limited lifetime to manufacturer next business day “on-site” warranties. Perhaps the most important to note here, is the fact that we only supply hardware that has a full ISO 9002 quality history and we also follow very stringent quality control procedures and checks in our workshop environment. This might drive costs to the end user slightly upward, but in our years of experience, we have seen the reliability it brings to the table. The old Afrikaans saying definitely rings true “Goedkoop koop is duur koop” or “Being Penny wise is sometimes being Pound foolish”. Lastly, we work hard at ensuring that our margins are as low as possible, the consumer should benefit through new technology not suffer because of it. Give us a try, we will do our best to beat any quotation out there.

Server / Desktop & Network Support

We provide 24/7 computer support, Server, Desktop and Network support, maintenance, repair and consulting services for the following platforms:

  • All Windows Servers and server services or applications such as Exchange, MS SQL, ISA etc.
  • All Windows Workstations (Desktops/Laptops) from Windows 3.1 onwards
  • All Apple Workstations (Mac’s and Macbooks)
  • All networked devices – printers, switches, routers etc.
  • All brands – Canon, HP, IBM, Dell etc.
  • All Proprietary software – Microsoft Office, Pastel, Adobe products etc.
  • All open source software – Open Office, Irfanview, VLC, Joomla etc.
  • All other IT related items such as media players, camcorders, LCD TV’s, Wireless devices, 3G devices etc.

These tech support services are provided “on-site”, as remote IT support, “over the phone” or per SLA as both in sourced or outsourced options.